I started sewing when I was a young girl.  I remember my mother standing over me telling me that I had to be careful and to slow down so that I did it right.  I hated going slow and so I gave up home sewing.  I started a job at a baseball hat factory when I was in high school .  I learned how to sew with and industrial sewing machine.  I loved it they were fast and I didn’t have my mother standing over me.  She did work in the same place though.  I learned a lot at that job about how to take pride in what I did.  I went to work at La-Z-Boy.  It was a lot different than the hat factory.  I had a bigger industrial sewing machine and a lot harder stuff to sew.  I learned a lot about designing and how to use different shape to make a product.  I love to sew it helps me to clear my mind.  I love to take pride in all that I do and I want people to like what I do.  I guess that my mom was right that I did need to be careful and enjoy what I was doing.