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It has been a long time sence I have posted on this site.  I was hoping the site would just manage its self.  For the most part it has.  I have enjoyed producing my product for people.  Now I want to help people to complete the projects that they have been wanting to do.  I can sew about anything.  I have worked on atv seats, rv cushions, boat, automotive, furniture recovery, home decor, trampolines and tarp repair.  If any one is in need of a great seamstress just give me a call I will give free estimates.


I Just finished a cargo bag for UTVs or ATVs.  I need to get some pictures of it and get it on the product page.

I have just joined the world of networking.  In the last 3 days I have become a member of face book and Twitter.  I don’t know if I can do all this networking.  I guess Ill give it a try.  I may not have time to do my sewing now.  Oh well I guess we all need a little shake up in our lives.

Well tonight I was taught how to do pictures, categories,tags and some other basic stuff .   I guess once you learn to blog it just comes easy.